Imagine... a FLOOD of sales coming in effortlessly...
from Your Montreal SEO Campaign.

You have probably heard big promises like that before... right ?

and they never seem to deliver...

It’s true !

99% of Montreal SEO Experts are actually CLUELESS…


and Guaranteed…. to disappoint you !!!

Well... Let me introduce myself...

Jesse is an Australian traveller recently moved to Montreal Quebec Canada,

Jesse is considered a World Class SEO Specialist.

Spending 12 years within the Marketing Industry, he was a Project Manager working on Million Dollar a Year Campaigns.

Since leaving the Corporate sector and developing his own SEO Agency, he has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for his clients.

His passion comes from years of seeing Small Business Owners get manipulated, because they lack the Digital Marketing Knowledge to know better.

Honesty  |  Integrity  |  Trust

Are we Qualified to help you ?

How about Tertiary Qualified ?

Certificate 3 in Small Business Management

Advanced Diploma of Business
(Public Relations)

Bachelor of Business

Our Clients Say:

Jesse has brought in over $440,000 of new business through the website since starting at Melbourne Room Hire.

He has rebuilt the website two times, each time better than the last and ranked our site on the first page of Google consistently for our Primary Keyword.

Kevin Liu – CEO of Atlantic Investments / Melbourne, Australia

Jesse has been very professional in his approach to helping us through the minefield called the internet.

He has done such a wonderful job on our website we continue to use him now to do all of our SEO and assist us with our Google Ranking.

Jesse is very knowledgable and passionate about his work and we are very grateful indeed to have him on board with our business now and into the future. All the team at B E Plant Hire.

Lee Orsmond, Marketing Manager for B E Plant Hire – Brisbane Australia

What else makes us Awesome !

  • I have outranked Corporate Giants, many times before.
  • I know what it takes to rank First Page. I know all the Tricks & Techniques. It’s just a matter of working with the allocated resources…
  • Member of Elite Mastermind Group of SEO Geniuses, who ALWAYS have our Eye on the PRIZE.
  • Very Competitive Nature, just want to WIN on behalf of our clients.
  • Everyone has a GAME they love to play. Some play World of Warcraft, some love Call of Duty. My game is SEO, and I play to WIN !
  • Am often spending Friday and Saturday nights learning brand new techniques and listening to Webinars from other Industry Experts.
  • When Google changes their Algorithm, like the Panda update, the Penguin update, the Hummingbird, the FRED update.
    The first on the scene, discovering new techniques.
    As Updates, are an opportunity to eliminate the WEAK…
  • We WIN at this game, whether it’s for you, or for your competitors… It’s up to you !

>> But will it take long to rank ?

If you have never invested $1 in SEO Services Montreal, do you really expect your rankings to happen instantly, against Competitors who have invested heavily in their Search Engine Marketing.

It will happen, but you will need to set realistic goals in a realistic timeframe.


> This sounds like a lot of work & headaches

It is, a whole lot of work and headaches… for us, not you…

For you, it’s actually quite simple, just hire us !


> Do we need to do anything to our website ?

Probably, but we do this for you…


But wait… we have a web guy already

Not a problem, we will send him a list of fixes, and issues to resolve.


But I don’t want to keep putting out money every month

Nobody does… however without regular investment your rankings and authority will drop… why ? – Because your competitors are constantly investing in their website, so you will lose your place !


I am not sure you can deliver actual results

We have a track record. Without a little trust, nobody can help you !


But… I know someone who is a web guy

What keywords has he ranked for ? If its not a strong keyword, then your likely to make a classic mistake thinking we are all the same… !


But… is this really going to make me money

SEO makes a lot of business, a LOT of money. We determine in a quick consultation whether your business is worth investing in, and worth our time.

We don’t want the work, if it’s not going to produce results.

We prefer a clean professional positive reputation than to rip clients off…


I don’t have a very big budget though

Well, we can work with all type of budgets.

If your goals are unrealistic, with the budget you have then we prefer to not take the job.

If you have a real budget, and work in a lucrative industry, and just trying to avoid investing in your business, then we are probably not the right fit for you…

A few concerns most people have with SEO Services Montreal

A little bit of education, for you...
There are over 200+ Ranking Factors...
...involved in executing a successful SEO Montreal Campaign !

Keyword Research

So many Entrepeneurs disregard the importance of Keyword Research.

This is a fatal error, because Keyword Research is the foundation of a healthy SEO Montreal Campaign.

There are INFORMATION keywords, and MONEY Keywords.

MONEY keywords are things people type into Google in order to buy, compared to INFORMATION keywords which people type into the Search Engine to simply do research…

Do you see the importance now ?

On Site SEO

We analyze your website for it’s Google Friendliness.

It’s like a Score out of 100, and we need to ensure your website is the highest score possible

Of the 200x Ranking Factors, we need to ensure you’re Optimized for every one of them.

High Quality Backlinks

SEO Montreal Campaigns, for ranking on Page #1 is about getting high quality, high authority trusted external backlinks to your site.

For example, a backlink from Wikipedia is highly valuable, because it is so trusted compared to a backlink from a brand new website with no authority whatsoever…

Social Proof

SEO is about proving to Google and the other Search Engines, that your website and brand is respected within your niche in the online community.

So, by having social signals like Facebook likes, shares, twitter retweets, Google Plus Shares, Linkedin Shares, etc. etc., this reinforces to Google that you have Social Proof, and are a REAL organisation, not just a spammy site built purely to game the system & make money from SEO traffic. .

How we work

Worry Free Contracts

If you want to cancel your monthly contract, it’s not a problem.

Monthly Reports

We provide a Monthly Report, so you can see the work completed and the Rankings Improvement.

Dominate Your Niche

We look for ways to get multiple page #1 rankings, as well as many keywords within your industry.

Cutting Edge Techniques

Our Methods are cutting edge and proven. Any new techniques that are working, we will find it.

100% Safe Whitehat SEO

All our methods are Google Approved, and Safe. We don’t risk getting penalised, by using Blackhat methods.

You OWN the Assets Built

Unlike other Agencies, the work we complete is YOUR property. This is YOUR work, we are just administering it…

Web Work Done

Unlike most Agencies, we have a Website Development Team, which can help you if you need a new site, or website work.

We also have the very best Google Adwords Expert who is amazing, and helps our Australian clients get the best R.O.I for their Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).

Small Boutique Agency

We’re Small by choice, & LOVE getting our hands dirty, so our clients WIN.

Most agencies turnover clients like FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS, because they KNOW you will leave them after a few months.

Expect results…

We Get Results… ! End of Story !!!

Me and my team are competitive entrepeneurs by nature, so if our clients aren’t winning, we want to know why ?

SEO Drives more Customers to your Business than any other Online Source...

Leads from search engines have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads

(ex. cold-calling, direct mail, etc.)

have a 1.7% close rate.

Be Careful who you hire for your SEO Montreal Work - Google WARNING !

Click here to see the Warning from Google Webmaster about hiring Montreal SEO Companies

FAQ's you may have before investing in a Montreal SEO Campaign ?

Can I do SEO Myself ?

If you are a microbusiness, we suggest you do the SEO yourself.

If you are a small, medium or large business, you shouldn’t take the risk. Especially if your Company’s earning are significant, then you lose more potential revenue by not taking action.

When will we be "Done"

SEO is an ongoing process, and you are never “Done” Only when Search Engines close their door and nobody is still using them to find businesses, should you ‘Stop’.

Why ?

Because your competitors are always out for blood… So you gotta defend your position !

Most businesses when they see their site ranking Page #1, stop wanting to invest in their site.

This means, you are opening the doors for your competitors to overtake you. When you rank for your keyword, you WILL MAKE MONEY, so why would you want to put that at RISK.

I don't trust SEO Companies...

You should never trust an SEO Company, and that’s why WE have taken steps to stand out in the crowd…

We provide the work we have had completed on your behalf. You can see how your investment is being spent, and that’s why we are proud of being 100% transperant.

On top of that, all the work we complete, is YOUR property, YOUR asset, and it means we are acting on YOUR behalf, not building our own assets and ranking you with it.

Our job is to both Consulting and Project Managers, so we can decide how best to invest your capital, and action it on your behalf.

We have a very small budget. Can we start with that ?

Sure we can, but because we work with the resources you allocate, you get less work & less results for less money.

The more you spend with me, the better your ROI.

And no, I don’t work less hard when we scope down, we just can accomplish as much as we can with the resources allocated.

We're happy with one off SEO service, but in monthly support.

We believe your SEO service should put us on the 1st page of search without having to review it every month.


In this case, I charge a one-time project fee, which by nature will be much higher than normal, because I’m going to try and cram a lot into that first month.

Google also requires that backlinks to your site, get dripfed so the work will still be spread out over several months, to avoid being penalised.

A coding monkey can do your job. Why do we need you ?

SEO is actually a marketing position, not programming job.

The reason I got into SEO, was because of the marketing advantage it gives businesses, over traditional media advertising which has died off now.

If you’re going to give the job to someone not qualified, don’t expect to compete with someone who is a mastercraftsman within this field.

Call me once you have made that mistake first hand, and we can talk…

What are the typical mistakes small businesses make ?

Bottom Line: When we are given a REAL budget to work with, we WILL get you traffic.

But: The problem usually lies with conversion.

What is Conversion: This is when you get 10 HIGHLY targetted, HIGH quality clicks to your website from Google… The best quality traffic FOR you, possible.

Out of 10 x CLICKS you should get 1 x LEAD

I have heard of WebPages that have 3 x LEADS from every 10 x CLICKS, which is amazing.

Bottom Line: If you don’t invest time in testing your Conversion, the traffic I bring you is useless…

What role does my website play ? Does it need re-design ?

If you have an outdated website, built 10 years ago, and something you are not proud to show off to prospective clients, clearly you have a problem.

This is an obvious problem, and you don’t need your Conversion Analytics to tell you, what you already know.

A fresh, beautiful, professional website will pay itself off in no time !

This is 2017, and your website is so important nowadays, and a successful website is the start of getting a successful return on investment.

How long does it take to see results ?

It depends on each individual case…

Weeks, months or sometimes years, depending on the level of competition within your field, and how much you have neglected your website to this day.

Trying to rank for the keyword:

Green Xmas Socks online  (super easy)

Web Design (Super Super Difficult)

Note: A brand new domain name, usually get’s put in the Google Sandbox which you can read about here. Google does this to protect itself against SEO’s who are trying to rig the system, and if you’re not willing to stick it out, then not worth starting.

A large, and established website can see results within a week while a brand new website may take up to 6 months.

SEO is Too Expensive... !

It’s really how you perceive your return on investment.

If you give an SEO agency money, and gets nothing in return, ofcourse it’s going to be expensive. Because you get no value from it…

If you spend $100 on your SEO, and you get $300 worth of Ultra Targetted Organic Search Engine traffic to your website, then your getting a 200% return on investment.

Because if you paid for $100 worth of Google Adwords PPC traffic, you are still only getting $100 worth of traffic (if managed properly).

The idea is that you sell your goods or services from your website, and of the traffic you get to your website, you earn X amount of dollars, or get X amount of leads who are interested in doing business with you.

Where can we learn to be SEO Experts Montreal

To be a REAL SEO Professional takes years of dedication, and many dollars of investment to truly understand what works and what doesn’t.

I have been an avid student of the following Experts:

Understand the Power of Search Engine Optimization Montreal

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

81% of people perform some type of online research before making a large purchase.

70-80% of people ignore paid search results, choosing to only click on organic listings.

72% of consumers who perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location.

57% of B2B marketers stated that SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative.


Report (Worth $299)

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Rankings

See some tips and tricks for getting the best Outcome

Google is the leading internet search engine. This means it receives massive amounts of traffic compared to any other search engine. If you have a website and want to get maximum exposure to potential customers, then you can do so by ensuring your content ranks high in Google. How will you go about?


A reliable Montreal SEO Company can help you elevate your site by making it SEO friendly. We all know that internet marketing is getting intense and your site should be competitive too. A brilliant way of achieving this is by making it rank at the top of Google search results.


An experienced SEO Montreal Company will help you to:

• Increase your site maximum online exposure

Your website needs the best score when it comes to online exposure. Maximum online exposure leads to increased online visibility. Besides, it also makes it easy for you to grab the attention of online users who are searching for products and services similar to what you offer. How can a Montreal SEO company help you achieve this?


1. By setting up your Google+ local page and optimizing it properly

This can open doors for your site to get higher rankings in local search results. Here, a detailed description of your company is recommended. Your business profile will rank well its profile is filled properly. In case of multiple business locations, Montreal SEO Company will help you to create separate local pages. Some hitches come along with keyword stuffing when describing your company profile and a good company will help you avoid it. Keyword stuffing can harm your content marketing strategies if you’re not careful. A trustworthy SEO agency in Montreal can help you avoid such glitches.


2. Optimize your business citations

Why do you need to do this? It helps to improve your local rankings and exposure in organic search results. This is done by ensuring that your Name, Address, and Phone are consistent in all your citations. Duplicate citations can cost you, and you must eliminate such. High-quality citation sources pay off. Your company will help you to clean and edit all citations properly. Additionally, you must emphasize the use of relevant citations that work well for your niche.


3. Gather positive online reviews

Reviews will help improve Google ranking in all local search packs. There are several ways
you can collect reviews from customers. The most popular sites you can gather
them include Yelp, and Trip Advisor.


• Grow your customer base

The main goal here is to win the attention of as many customers as possible. Your website should not only drive traffic but also convert them into potential customers. Among the strategies to employ the latest SEO techniques. This may include using keyword rich content. Keyword density is critical, and you should consider this from your SEO experts Montreal. However, you should be careful when using the trick as it can risk your site getting banned.


Google also uses links to and from your website to determine your page rank. The words you use in your links also matter. Link building with relevant sites can help to improve your rank. It is recommended to use links to other sites other than your website. However, these links should be natural and helpful. Links to social networking can also promote your site. In fact, recent stats show that a great deal of traffic comes from social networking sites. Your Montreal SEO expert will help you integrate all these techniques to broaden your customer base.


• Receive regular monthly audit reports

You need to stay updated. This is by controlling the progress of your site on Google. In SEO, it is recommended to make monthly keyword ranking reports. A great SEO company in Montreal will send you monthly reports with noteworthy news and ranking updates. This makes it easy for you to know how keyword ranking is moving along with your company. They also assist you by recommending the best ways you can secure your business online.


• Increase your profit margins

It is the goal of every business not only to create traffic but increase their sales figure and achieve your ROI. However, it all starts by driving a stream of customers to your site. A good design with well-organized pages can help increase your page rank. Additionally, you may also want to make your website mobile-friendly since a majority of the customers use their mobile devices to browse. Mobile friendliness is a ranking signal that Google uses. A SEO Company Montreal will help you achieve this.


How to pick the right Montreal SEO Expert to work with

When choosing the right SEO services Montreal, you should be very careful as this determines whether you’ll achieve your dream goals or not. Before making your first move, here are the factors you must consider.


• The type of relationship you want

If you want a long-term contract, then it is vital to consider if the company is available in case you need constant contact. Vet properly to ensure that you are working with a reliable company. A great SEO company will constantly report to you concerning your results, and in a way you understand. Most of the agence SEO Montreal understand the importance of having a long-term customer relationship. Emphasize on this too.


• Number of people on your team

The size of your company is vital when choosing an SEO company to work with. SEO for a small business is different from that of a big company. Therefore, the SEO marketing strategies to use will vary depending on the type and size of the company. If the same content is used for all businesses, then your efforts might not work as you expect. The size of your company, therefore, will determine the marketing company in Montreal you’ll work with.


• The type of keyword phrases to use

You should determine the type of phrases that are relevant to your niche. The company you choose must be capable of identifying such keywords right from your first discussion. They should also provide you with a detailed analysis of keywords that will increase traffic to your site.


• Price match quality

It’s not worthy to pay for overpriced service that delivers minimal SEO results. The company you choose should charge you a reasonable price for their service. You may first want to review their packages before delving into hiring them.


• Time to work and realize results

Most professional SEO experts will start working right away to save you time. It can take some time before you realize the effects of your SEO strategies and it is vital to hire a company that cares about time. This is vital if you are in a very competitive niche.


• Customer service is king

Who will want to hire a company that provides a service and vanish? Perhaps, we all want a company that is available when you need be it monthly reports or any other need. You may need to read their testimonials and reviews from past customers. Furthermore, it is great to pick a company that can personalize their services to match your needs whether it is PPC management, link building, keyword research and other white hat search engine optimization strategies.



SEO is the buzz in the current internet marketing. If you are not utilizing it for your company, then you are missing significant opportunities. SEO is dynamic, and you should find an SEO Agency to help you make proper strategies. It’s time to stop losing potential customers and start building a stable user base.

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