4 ways to eliminate BAD Montreal SEO Companies

There are just numerous small businesses out there that are becoming victimized by Montreal SEO agencies that are either crooked or utterly ignorant of good SEO practices; this needs to stop!

Most small business owners are aware of the benefits Search Engine Optimisation has when getting quality website traffic, but the amount of time, extensive planning and contracting a good Montreal SEO company puts into optimizing and link building is generally overlooked.

It takes both comprehensive knowledge and unique SEO skills to ensure your business is getting the best possible results. Search Engine Optimisation has the potential to either boost your website or damage your company’s reputation.

Choosing an SEO Montreal provider who doesn’t abide by Google’s guidelines could land your website with a penalty and even exclusion from Google’s rankings. Get yourself basic SEO knowledge and take the time to understand what Montreal SEO experts are actually going to do for your business and question them at every step.


Ask for Other Client Results

Dependable Montreal SEO Experts are happy to provide references from former clients, and show SERP (Search Engine Ranking Positions) Results. Ask for details of websites or blogs they are currently working on so you can review how they rank for specific phrases. You should check Alexa ranking; quality of the written content, the strength of the keyword they rank for and on-page SEO.

You could even directly contact the website owner and ask if they are happy and would recommend the SEO Company.


Ask them if they use software to build links

There was a time when every website owner was building hundreds of links and spamming the web using the software. Building software-generated thousands of bad links will not only drop your site ranking, but you might even get penalized by Google.

Instead of building an excellent reputation for your site, you will be spending your hard-earned money even more just to fix the Google Penalty.

This happens when a SEO Montreal Expert is using certain bad techniques (automated software) to try to manipulate search engine results. So before contracting any SEO Montreal agency, you should ask for the proof that whether they use some sort of software to generate links.


Ask them for simple SEO terms like role of DA (Domain Authority)

SEO is not that complicated. It’s hard work, of course, but it’s not rocket science. This means that the SEO company you are willing to hire should be able to explain simple terms what they can do for you and how.

As you probably know domain authority plays a huge role in website ranking so you can ask them what a domain authority is how it plays its role in ranking your site. If they make it sound like it’s complicated or are not willing to get into the details, then they are seemingly trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

The best way to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous, spammy SEO Montreal agencies is to get educated about SEO. Educate yourself to some degree so that you won’t get manipulated or easily tricked by inferior SEO firms that promise you the world.


Ask for Asset Ownership

Well-written content is the key to ranking your website. It makes up a massive amount of the SEO you are paying for, and it’s a universal rule that anything you pay for should belong to you. You should ask them if you OWN the work they do, and if they provide logins & access, in case you change the company.

A trustworthy SEO Montreal company will ensure you have all the rights to everything they do for you.

Don’t sign off on an agreement with companies where the ownership goes to them.


Source: Search Engine Land

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