6 tips for setting out your webpage…

The internet is flooded with content, and if you are a content writer, then you need to set  yourself apart. Throughout my experience, I have learned that great content  should attract not only links but also boost engagement and conversion.


Great content can boost up to 50% click-through in affiliate links. It can also bring up to 70% rise in conversion rate which is quite commendable, and important to ensure your SEO Montreal Campaign ends up being a success.


If you a web writer, or a business writing your own content then you should have that passion to write captivating content. Before that, why would you worry about content in the first place? Consider a business case for great content.


Highly engaging content is a valuable thing you can have on your business site. Therefore, you should invest in content writing whether you’ll be writing on your own or outsourcing to a third party. Content is even more critical compared to any other thing you might be doing now.


Often, content that arouses and converts visitors into loyal customers is very, very valuable that even links, tweets or Facebook posts. It is more worthwhile to convert 40% out of 100 visitors into customers than to convert 5% of 500 visitors. Perhaps, you’ll concur with me that it’s quite easier to get 100 visitors than to get 500.


Great content, therefore, can help you to dramatically reinforce your weakest points particularly if you are dealing with a startup. In simple terms, creating an A+ content is a clever way of boosting your income per visitor. Especially if you’re paying for traffic, or getting highly qualified traffic from a successful Montreal SEO Campaign


However, bad content can make your site to stagnate or even fall.


How can bad content damage a site? If you are using icky content, then your readers will lose their trust in you. Great content can convert lots of visitors and can even enable you to build a team of loyal customers. However, lousy content can scare them away forever.


How does great content look like?


Good content must:

  • Be appealing
  • Be highly scannable
  • It should be pertinent or reliable
  • Be professional
  • Funny and contains a casual tone
  • Incorporate the latest data
  • Be visually fascinating
  • Thoroughly A/B tested
  • Include a call to action


Other things that you should consider include:

1. Clean and well-designed website and content

The design of a website has a huge impact on conversion rate. So, if you are ignoring the design of your website, then you are missing significant opportunities. Several sites still use default WordPress themes. It’s true, a majority of them use purple and green color schemes.


You must not take it lightly, and if you’ve got a dull and unappealing theme, sketchy header or a layout that makes no sense, then you are causing a big harm to your site.


Even if you are making money from your current site, then you are not utilizing it properly as it should. Unattractive sites can be very hard to scale because visitors don’t trust sites that appear horrible.


Ideally, you don’t have any excuse to use a dull site. Buying a premium theme for your site will only cost you a small fraction of the money. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got an expert to create a great theme for your site or not. You can buy a customized theme for your site from these sites or hire a qualified Web designer to help you design a pronounced theme.


2. Content should be highly scannable

Readers are not the same. Some would want to read the entire piece while others will only scan for certain points and move on. This doesn’t mean that they find other parts of your content irrelevant but ensure that your content is scannable. How do you write scannable content?

  • Have important points at the top (Use a top-down structure). The essential points should come in the first paragraph.
  • Tell a story in your headings. If a heading is catchy, they’ll want to read the detailed section.
  • Include lots of breaks. Short sentences are recommended. Most internet readers have very short attention spans, and you must consider this.
  • Use short paragraphs. Sentences should not exceed five lines.


3. Use casual and friendly tone

It can be very challenging to achieve a truly personal tone unless you are a great, devoted writer.


Some niches don’t just require you to provide details and run away. Readers care much about your tone. A friendly tone can be very engaging. It can also help you to build rapport with your clients.


I would recommend the use of ‘I and You.’


Moreover, learn to respect your audience.


4. Include Strong, Relevant, visually appealing and interesting content with call to action

In any blog post, visual elements are recommended even if you are working in a niche where they appear less important. Lots of data and technical sources can enable you to write information-rich content. Visual elements can make your content appear professional.


Believe it; it will consequently boost customer engagement. It does all kinds of positive metrics including sending quality signals to Google.


But what kind of visual elements should you include?

  • Content boxes
  • Videos
  • Callouts
  • Product tables
  • Images with text overlays
  • Visual testimonials with quotes
  • Infographics
  • Graphs and charts
  • Maps
  • Section dividers with images


5. A/B testing

This has proven to me as very powerful in content creation. A/B testing enables you to make money even without adding content, increasing traffic or building links. The good thing about it is that it is a purely in-house activity and your Return on Investment is attractive.


Among the practices you can consider include:

  • Reducing your choice of visitors
  • Define quantifiable success metrics such as revenue, clicks and more
  • Explore everything before refining
  • Test the words in your call to action as well


When testing, try testing everything including the layout, formatting, tables, call to action, pop-ups and price. There are tools I recommend you to use. Optimizely is one such tool that works best for every site.


However, there are other free testing tools like Thrive Content Builder and Google Analytics.


6. Ensure your content is very fascinating

It can sound easy, but it’s not. It can be very challenging for a professional writer to be fascinating. In any piece, you’ll be writing try to come up with interesting content.


You can do this by:

  • Adding data
  • Curating the opinions of other experts
  • Adding personal anecdotes
  • Asking great but relevant questions pertaining your topic


In case you’ve just finished writing a post, you can try going back and look at it again. Ask yourself whether it is worth for someone else to read your post.

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