Starting from humble beginnings, Jesse Waheed the owner and SEO Wizard is now a mastercraftsman in his trade.

When he was doing his Marketing degree, Search Engine Optimization and Website Design was more of a novelty, that businesses didn’t see as a necessity.

And why would they, people didn’t have smart phones, and only used Google / Yahoo / Bing in order to search every now and again, not like a way of life like it is today in 2017.

Even Universities who taught marketing didn’t integrate Digital Marketing into their curriculum, because it wasn’t considered of any value to the future…

Oh… how times have changed !

Since 2006 when Jesse was employed as a Project Manager for a Corporate Digital Marketing Company, and had to oversee clients that were making in excess of 1million dollars annually, did Search Engine Optimization become something he became fascinated with.

When realising this was the future, he became obsessed and went to all lengths to get higher ranking.

After leaving the Corporate Sector in 2008, after the Global Financial Crisis, he went backpacking through South East Asia as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Upon his return, took a job as Marketing Manager for a Small Room Hire Facility in Melbourne Australia, where he brought in $440,000 worth of new sales who came directly from the website, which got 100% of it’s traffic from Google.

Even when he had a budget for Google Adwords, the response was not nearly as profitable as from SEO.

From there, he became an SEO Expert by studying all the Masters of the industry, who were earning millions of dollars by ranking their clients high in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page).

Realising that this was the specialisation within the Marketing Industry he was exceptional at, and something he was also passionate about, he started a Web Agency in Australia for Small Businesses who need help.

Ranking his website on Page 1 for his own keywords in his own hometown, and getting hundreds of dollars in Free Traffic, he decided to do what he has always dreamed about… Move to Montreal.

Living and Working from his Computer (the dream), he realised that there are a lot of businesses in Montreal that need help, and are looking for someone of his skillset to get ahead.

Whether you need a new website, or simply first page rankings for you or your client, get in touch with Montreal’s #1 SEO Company for help…

We stand by our approach to businesses…  Honesty | Integrity | Trust | Results

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